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10 Best Bass Player in the World

In a band, the bass player are often not taken into account. In fact, the bass is an instrument that is essential for the smooth running of the tempo in a song. Often known by the public is a singer or guitar player who also created the song, as Piyu. Players of other bands, including the bass guitar player who holds only a complement that is not too visible. Unless the bass guitar player has a beautiful face. He could have even more often become a major player in the video clip of the band.
Industrial interests
This is the industry. All of which are considered beneficial to be in front. Including also the bass player, if he is considered beneficial, then it will be highlighted. If not, this bass guitar player may only be used as an extra player. Quite easy to get a person who can hold bass. The proof is that the band left by the holder of his bass guitar, could easily borrow or get another bass guitar player.
Different if the holder of this bass has a talent that can be profitable. For example, it could hold several instruments or the attraction in the stage show something else than others. It may be that he also is a pretty good song writer and easily understood by the public audience. Thus, he will get to be as famous as the singer of the band central. What happened to Paul McCartney might be a lesson.
He could sing and could write songs, eventually could appear as popular as John Lennon. Unfortunately indeed when the Beatles broke up, John Mc Cartney was able to evoke the euphoria of the fans of the Beatles. It turns out that John Lennon's charisma is so great to the fans of the band is quite phenomenal. How not, the ability of Paul actually not much different from John. However, charisma that can not be analyzed.
What happened to Ariel Noah. Although he had been in jail with cases fairly embarrassing, loyal fans by defending and waiting. The fans seemed to forgive what has been done by Ariel. They even wait for the release of Ariel and greeted like a hero. All that is done is something that Ariel as innocent. The young girl with a proud and very happy to be embraced by Ariel.
Stay sin sin. All oelh fascinated by Ariel charisma. It was also owned by John Lennon. After his death, as well as the Beatles go to the grave so that any attempt to raise the Beatles to the surface can not be successful. John is The Beatles and The Beatles were John. Paul is a holder of the bass guitar in the band can only survive with a few songs that he created. The songs Paul was able to make himself a fan of The Beatles and adoring glances.
Until now the Beatles were still there but the other members of The Beatles could not get any benefits from the fame. They also understood this because such industries. If not profitable, then it will be removed or something will simply be buried away. Everything has to be profitable. The entertainment industry was quite cruel to people who are not considered to be potential. If it is considered a potential, then all the power to be deployed in order to get maximum profit.
Look at what happened to the band Noah, their concert at Akota lim, on two continents by using personal pesweat. Significant costs incurred with the expectation of getting income greater than expenses. What is the maximum exposed Ariel. It turns out that careful planning was done long before Ariel out of jail. A holder who wants to be a frontman bass like Ariel, must show great strength to be ogled by the producers.
The Great Bassist
Indeed, there are always exceptions to every incident. There are some bass guitar player who actually stole more attention. They certainly have exceptional strength so that it can get a little attention. Here are 10 of the best bass players in the world.
Sid Vicious
For musicality, Sid actually no specials at all. Even supposedly he can not actually play music. But what is remarkable is how he could become the icon of the Sex Pistols, and he's new personnel. Even Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols once said: "At the gig, the audience is always more inclined towards the left. Because they want to close with Sid. "
No one can explain why people are more interested in a particular person. As if the person has a magnetic force that is able to attract the attention of others. When a producer or sponsor saw the potential of this, they will draw people like a magnet and will mengorbitkannya. News that if it would make the show more interesting, will be removed and made ​​as attractive as possible to what was interesting was made ​​more interesting.
Michael "Flea" Barzaly
Flea is a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Action famous panggungya attractive. Musically too high. He is an influential bassist in the decade of the 90s. His style is very original. He mix between psychedelic rock, hard rock and punk. This attractive style remarkable for being able to make people imitate his style. He was so charming. Charm that may not be owned by other players.
Billy Sheehan
He is the frontman of Big MR. Style of playing the bass like playing a guitar. Many of the three-finger picking. He has won a poll of the magazine "Guitar Player" as much as five times for "The Best Rock Bass Player". With Segal's achievements, he became well known and people want to emulate the style of play. The fans are very know how to get a new idol.
John Entwistle
John Entwistle came from a legendary band The Who. No wonder John became one of the world's best bass guitar player. The game progresiffnya be a role model by many other bassists such as Flea. Even John was a pioneer for the band after playing smash theirs. Repression is as contagious. Not a good thing done. However, his fans happy with his actions are reckless. No word redundant. All for the sake of spectacle which eventually became guidance.
John Myung
He is a member of superband Dream Teather. At first, John is a performer of classical music. No wonder why the sound-sound bass sound like a lot of classical music. The first instrument was the violin he understood better. Then at the age of 15, he became a bassist. The uniqueness is what makes it famous and be different from the others.
Aston Barett
Bassist Bob Marley that accompanies this is a musician who creates grip bass sound for music Reggae, Ska and Rock Steady. He is also a multi-talented, not just play bass, Aston Barrett also became music director for The Wailers. A highly talented and this is known to be a role model worthy.
Cliff Lee Burton
Cliff Lee burton is the first bassist of Metallica. He is responsible for the development of the bass and thrash metal in the world today. He had a great contribution in making the music of Metallica to be unique. Cliff died in 1986 due to traffic accidents in Sweden. A lot of talent is not owned by a bassist.
Larry Graham
This is a player who popularized the afro beat bass technique with the thumb (slap). He dinobatakan as the best rock bassist no. 3 all time by Digital Dreamdoor. Larry also is a singer. Not surprisingly, he gets more attention from the fans.
Paul Mc Cartney
He is the pioneer of a bassist who emerged as a frontman. In addition to being the lead singer, Paul also create songs for the Beatles. If John Lennon had not met Yoko Ono, Paul might be more popular. Destiny is said another.
His real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. He was born in England and became the lead singer in The Police. Although better known for his creation song, but no one mergaukan Sting musicality in playing bass. Tone which he created very influential on the world of pop / modern jazz. This is the bass player with a unique sound.