Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

8 Underwater Mystery

Can be dived in the ocean, have a point. There have been many things that were unearthed from the sea. However, the sea still holds many mysteries. What is mentioned in Surat an-Nuur: "Or like pitch black in the deep ocean, which is covered by waves, above which the waves (also), on it (again) clouds ..." shows that much remains hidden under the pitch-dark sea​​. At least 8 underwater mystery that still makes a lot of people, especially oceanographers, curious. Underwater Mystery
When viewing images on the internet, will terlihatlah some ruins. There is a form of buildings, temples, walkways, stairs, and the rooms. No one has to make sure the people what built the city.
Mystery Giant Underwater Ocean Asia
The magnitude of the measured volume of water through the seismograms shows how there is still much to be learned from this mystery millions of cubic feet of water.
Mystery of the Pyramids in the Sea of ​​Japan
When the mystery temples found in Bali have revealed sea, which apparently is a man-made coral reef as a rescue effort, not the pyramids found in sea Okinawa, Japan. The temple is believed to be man-made, but who have made ​​it are still a mystery.
Underwater Mystery River
Once again, the mystery of this river comes from Mexico. Why is the river called? Because the water is fresh and there are also trees. However, if you dive deeper, the water is salty. Truly a miracle.
Marine animals Bodied Transparent
The animals were found in the deep ocean, the light is not broken at all. From the shape of the body, it is obvious that the animals were there in the form of a jellyfish, lobsters, various fish, and so on. Perhaps as a form of adjustment in extreme environments, their bodies become transparent.
Wonders of the Titanic's voyage turned into panic and marine. Many people believe that the sinking of one of the most legendary ship this because of pride of the maker. Fill a large sea vessel was not willing to sail with pride.
Just because a piece of ice crashing, shattering the pride. Ice is also a mystery to the sea. How cold the temperature of the sea water to be able to make large chunks of ice nan.
Marine parks and beautiful with diverse animal life still had a mystery. Caves that surround the park it could save a lot of things that can give you a lot of knowledge for human life.
Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle terbesa
And this is what will be discussed at length, the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. There is no end to when discussing one of the mysteries of the ocean's most extreme. The Mystery of the Bermuda triangle underwater is intriguing. However, who would dare reveal its mystery when lives are at stake.
Too dangerous to challenge the Bermuda triangle. Not because keangkerannya news, but because the magnetic field is too strong which can disrupt radar and other detection devices. Here is, what can we explain at length.
Humans like to consider themselves a superior race, and us. We firmly to know more and more, we are truly living in the "information age". Every day we face new challenges, new questions arise and new answers given. Our human pride makes us believe that we should, we really have to know everything!
Surprisingly, we did not have this capacity. The question "what happens in the Bermuda Triangle?" is evidence that we are very omniscient.
After decades of investigation and assumptions, scientists in the world do not reach an indisputable explanation to the events that happened in this place, which is famous miracle, a disaster. Where is it located?
In the western Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida, USA Considered to be a cursed location, imagined triangle located between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. More than 100 ships and planes have disappeared in deep water, the reason why it is called the devil, or the tomb of the Atlantic triangle. loss of Aircraft
Five T.B.M. US Avenger air fleet took off military airport in Florida, in December 1945 5. What is responsible for this mission was Colonel Charles Taylor and that's just a simple exercise, flying with the purpose of recognition. They are scheduled to take off at 2:00 and back in 20 minutes. Clear skies.
At 3:30 pm, Charles Taylor sends a message over the radio to the control tower Ford Lauderdale basis:
Taylor: We are outside these parameters. We see no ground.
Operator: What is your position?
Taylor: We can not define it .. apparently we lost.
Operator: Move 2 degrees to the West.
Taylor: We do not know where the West. I can not identify our position .. strange, even the ocean looks different ..
After this, the conversation was interrupted. Nobody could find the plane again.
In addition, several other disappearances occurred: in 1947, Americans C54 plane just disappeared on 100 miles of Bermuda, at 80 miles, the aircraft Star Tiger disappeared in 1948 Many hypotheses are stated in order to explain the strange events.
Despite these efforts, the mystery of the Bermuda triangle of death impression, not removed. Some experts say that a tornado or navigational error could be the cause of it. Yes, but this theory does not answer all questions. Some people could say that maybe aliens were involved in it. The assumption that more mundane recently made​​:
• flow of marine currents or strong
• emanation of methane gas, which leads to a reduction in the density of water, making ships, aircraft disappeared quickly into the seabed
The marine geologist Alan Judd, professor at the University of British Sunderland, said that the possibility that the accident occurred because the methane sea is one to 10,000.
After all, in such conditions, any ship that lies above the place where the gas reaches the surface goes directly into the seabed. He said he knew a sailor who go through this type of experience, and because it is not too strong emanation, the ship just dropped 2 meters below sea lever.
Even Columbus had difficulty in Bermuda. Legend has it that the first account is about strange occurrences encountered there: "water suddenly changed color" and "compass will be wild". Vanish Into Space?
In addition, the scientists kebat kebit with other data related to the occurrence of Einstein's theory, they speculate that the missing ships and planes because ...: unplug translated into another dimension of space and time, bringing them in a world, invisible parallel. Another explanation can be found in the best-selling book "Bermuda Triangle" of the famous Charles Berlitz.
These events are outside the normal range and because we do not have a satisfactory answer to the question relating to this topic, we are covered by intrigue, fear and excitement at the same time.
Together with other mysterious events from around the world, such as the Great Pyramid or the Black Stone of Mecca, the mystery of the Bermuda remains unsolved. Because thousands of hypotheses are emitted each year, we hope there is one man who will stand still in front of the answer all questions, from all eight sea mystery, lost in the Bermuda only answer.