Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

Computer Shop Online Super Complete

You've heard of the website Computer Unity, is not it? Yes, Bhineka computer is one of Indonesia's largest computer store serving the online sales. Not only that, the Computer Unity website address can be visited at www.bhineka.com is a website that can be used as a barometer or a mecca to check the prices of computer equipment.
Although titled Bhineka Computer, but the website is not just selling computers only. Along with the increasing demand of about 50 thousand people online visitors who stop by to this website, now Bhineka computer also provides other various household goods into the realm of technology and IT.
Want to know more about the Unity Computer? In this occasion the author will invite you and other readers to get acquainted more with the largest online computer store in Indonesia. The author would like to invite you all to know the early history of Computer Unity and what it has in this website to make it as an online computer store in Indonesia. Early History of Computer Bhineka
Early career Computer Bhineka in cyberspace takes place in 1990. At that time, Hendrik Tio, which is nothing but a president director of PT Bhineka.com today, making a significant breakthrough by offering e-commerce services through Bhineka.com who are still under the banner of Dimension PR Bhineka Mentari. Of course they will be underestimated because internet access when it is still very rare.
Even so, Hendrik does not necessarily give up. He has the confidence and optimism that a very high current e-commerce diusungnya will get his throne in cyberspace. It seems, possessed a positive attitude Hendrik approval of God, starting from the initial capital to 100 million, Unity Computers can now generate a turnover of around 60 billion per year by the number of online visitors more than 50 thousand people per day. Amazing. There's Anything in Unity Computer?
Along with the times and the number of requests that visitors Bhineka Computers not only sell products of computer equipment, this time Computers Unity website has provided a variety of other menu. Some menu options that can be freely accessed by visitors Unity Computer, including the Computer menu, Component, Gadgets, Photography, Networking, Software, Printers Large, Office & Science, and Home Electronics.
In the Computer menu option, visitors can see a wide range of products offered by Unity Computer. A variety of products ranging from Desktop Computer, Workstation, Extended Warranty, Apple Macintosh, Servers, Rack System, Notebook (including adapter and battery), up Storage and Media who have a famous brand can visitors get here.
Meanwhile, in the Component menu options, visitors will find a variety of computer Bhineka products, such as Processor, Motherboard, Memory, VGA Card, Case, Input Devices, Monitor, Sound Card, Optical Drive, Storage, Power Supply, overlocking, Video Editing, UPS , up Accessory which have well-known brands. Not only that, on this menu, visitors can create their own design of the desired computer.
Not much different from the previous selection menu, the menu of other options too, visitors can view, monitor, and even make purchases of any products that hooked her. Prices are set Bhineka Computers including cheapest price if compared with a bid price set similar websites. Well, the real question is how to shop and make payments in Unity computer? How to Shop at Unity Computer
How to shop at Unity Computer arguably very easy. Computer Bhineka serve all transactions for the whole of Indonesia. Buyers can use three simple ways to shop on this website, online, via phone, or via email. a. Online Shopping in Unity Computer by Using Shopping Cart
First, select the product you wish to buy by pressing the icon button "buy" in the product list page or icon button "buy" on the product detail page and other pages, there are two icons of the button, then select the product that you will go directly to the Shopping Cart . The second step, if it is your first time doing a transaction in this way, please first read the manual guide is provided Bhineka shopping cart computer. b. Shopping in Bhineka Computers Via Telephone / Email
To conduct a transaction over the phone, you coud contact customer service directly Bhineka Computers in number (62-21) 4229555 - 4261617. While transactions can be done via email by sending your order details to email address: care@bhineka.com. Payment in Unity Computer
Method of payment for each transaction in Unity Computer is easy and safe. There are at least seven ways of payment are served in Unity computer, either in dollars or in dollars.
The seventh way is by bank transfer, KlikBCA, credit, credit card / Debit BCA (offline), BCA discharge, pay on the spot (COD), or the company. Regarding the specific terms and conditions for payment in Unity Computer, can be read directly in http://www.bhinneka.com/aspx/others/oth_carapembayaran.aspx. Other content in Unity Computer
On the website Bhineka computer, there is not only a list of products that can be purchased by visitors. There are still other interesting content that can be enjoyed in this website. Call it Product Review and Unity @ Post. Two content presents the latest information about the advantages of the various products sold in Unity computer and about various events that occurred in the area of ​​Computer Unity.
Interesting? Of course. Through these two content readers can know in advance the advantages and disadvantages of each product to be purchased through the information contained in the Product Review. Not only that, the reader can also find out a little glimpse of what product yan will get a "special perlakuak" of Unity Computer via Bhineka @ Post.
This content has two levels of accuracy or truth that can be accounted for. Why? Because web content is taken care of by people who came from didiplin science that is in accordance with the IT world and have experienced.
Office address and Unity Computer Outlet
Here is the office address and computer outlets Unity can be visited.
Bhinneka.Com @ Gunung Sahari (HO)
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 73C. 5-6
Sales: (021) 4261617 Technical: (021) 4203388
Others: (021) 4209955 Fax: (021) 4257787
Photography Store by Bhinneka.Com @ Gunung Sahari
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 73C. 5-6
Tel: (021) 4261617 Fax: (021) 4257787
Bhinneka.Com @ Mangga Dua Mall
Mangga Dua Mall Lt.. No. 3. 48-49
Tel: (021) 62301383/62202226 Fax: (021) 62301381
Bhinneka.Com @ Poins Square
Poins Square Lt. No. 2. 88-89
Tel: (021) 75909567 Fax: (021) 75909367
Bhinneka.Com @ One Pacific Place
One Pacific Place Basement No. 1. 21C
Tel: (021) 57973357
Bhinneka.Com @ Cibubur Junction
Cibubur Junction Lt. No. 2. 47-49
Tel: (021) 87756770
HP Store by Bhinneka.Com @ Queen Plaza
Ratu Plaza lt. No. 1. 7A
Tel: (021) 7203032
HP Store by Bhinneka.Com @ Mangga Dua Mall
Mangga Dua Mall Lt.. No. 2. 8B
Tel: (021) 6126687
Bhinneka.Com @ Ambasador Mall
Ambasador Mall Lt. No. 1. 53-54
Tel: (021) 57933712/57933787
Well, is there anything less than Bhineka Computer? Author taste. Readers can mejadikan Unity as a reference computer before doing any transactions related to the IT world elsewhere. Happy shopping!