Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

Computer Stores In Yogyakarta

Computer stores in Yogyakarta number in the hundreds. Starting from the use of a small space in the garage, to which already has a magnificent building and the tube cool. It is associated with problems in the computer business sweetness of this student city.
Every year, thousands of migrants entered the city of Yogyakarta to continue their education at various levels of education. They were what would later become the owner of a sweet target computer store in Yogyakarta. As a result, computer shop business occupying one of the best-selling business in Yogyakarta.
Many computer stores in Yogyakarta choice. If you want to find the location of the center of computer sales, Crowded Mall is in Malioboro area deserves to be one of the targets. On the 3rd floor of the mall is available dozens of computer vendors ready to serve the needs of the consumer computer.
Stalls that lined easier for visitors to be able to compare prices of the stores and other stores. And convenience in shopping is quite assured. Therefore, the location of which is fused with the building of this mall makes visitors do not need to heat with air conditioners.
Besides easy to compare prices, here visitors have the freedom to spend without the need to carry a lot of cash. Therefore, on the ground floor of the mall provided several Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) of different banks. For visitors who have a hobby of bidding, it is not wrong if visiting this location as a destination to find a computer that is needed.
Other locations
Another place that many computer enthusiasts as a goal in Yogyakarta is when the computer appears exhibition. Typically, the location of which is often held computer exhibition is Jogja Expo Center (JEC) is located on the highway Jackie, Yogyakarta. It's just not in this location at any time held computer exhibition. Only at certain times only, which is usually held computer exhibition followed by most employers in Yogyakarta.
Great Computer Store
For those who want to buy a computer in the shops that install the official label of the manufacturer fabricators computer, there are several locations that can be used purposes. Among these are computa store, which is located on the road Cik Di Tiro. Or also Harrisma and El's Computer is on the path C. simanjuntak
This is the third computer store computer stores in Yogyakarta are most often the reference computer seekers. In addition, there is also a location that could be used as a comparison before buying a computer. The place is located in Wisno Grahakom Kyai Mojo street or west Tugu Yogyakarta.