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7 How To Be Artist Ngetop

You must be familiar with the profession as an artist. Which has a lot of fans who always wanted to know about the personal life into the spotlight definitely idola.Setiap day cameras of the journalists. Indeed, many people who want this job because of the promise of a full enough to make your account.
However, although the artist is always there in front of the camera he could also produce a work that is sure membanggakan.Namun journey in the entertainment industry as well as the ability pastinnya require good tactics in the midst of intense competition. Various ways dilaukan one with being an artist sensation
1 So girlfriend, friend, or spouse the ngetop
This happened to Tamara Bleszinsky, He is an artist who is well known by a variety of advertising and in the world of modeling. Tamara is married to Mike Lewis which may initially not know many people. But after the marriage took place name Mike Lewis became famous and in demand with the soap opera that made him known to many people. It also occurs in Aldi Taher who at that time had been a couple of Dewi Persik.
You will be able terkenalbila Kesimpulanna no relationship with the people who are already famous. That way you will terekpose by the cameras of the media so that the fame will come your way.
2 Make or dare porn videos skimpy clothing
It can not be denied that all things can be done for the sake of popularity. Even to make a porn video they did though will many negative risks that they will face later. It will cause a variety of negative views about them with criticism or even a blasphemy. It is necessary in order to face strong mentally all.
This is evidenced by the many cases where the perpetrator of porn videos is very similar to the meaning-aris in the world of entertainment today. The amount that makes our hearts very much sad about it. They menjua their bodies are published to a wide audience only for temporary popularity.
In addition, not only in sex porn videos, but also photos of porn. Indeed, with the photo of the naked would make bnamanya can be a boom directly. But if you are an educated and have good moral taste is so disgusting. You will be known as an artist is cheap. You also achieved popularity in just a short time only long-kelaman will dim.
Julia Perez or Jupe is an artist who can never be separated from various types kontrovrsi that exist in our entertainment world. In the past many people may not know this artist, but because he always created sensation with matters relating to sex makes skyrocketed.
For example, he uses the exact pakaia very minimal so that the curve of his body will be seen clearly. Then Jupe also famous of exciting pictures widespread in cyberspace. Not only that Jupiter makes album Kamasutra yng title in which the gift was given free condoms. This means Jupe make support for the teens in free sex. Anyway all things that have anything to do with Julia Peres was identical to her sexiness.
Not only Julia Perez who issued the various sensations in terms of sexiness, but there are also other artists include Sarah Azhari sensational artist that can famous in the world of entertainment as always using minimal clothing on each activity
3 Married
Marriage is one of the goals in our lives in a foster relationships of obstruction begins with courtship. Happiness will be felt perfect when the couple is in the aisle is the one you love. Selaib it also surely you want a lavish wedding ceremony because this is history in your perjalanna. So no wonder if the artists are looking for couples who have a wealth of very high Sasro example occurs at Dian Ward and Nia Ramadani.
But they also do not want to get married just as much as anyone who is not the entertainment that seem ordinary. For the sake of a wedding fame secretly menibulkan they have done that they are hunted by the news reporter and became the number one topic when it
4 Divorced
But not all couples who come from the world of entertainment that can foster huungan household well. Even many yan do divorce. But this divorce nampakna sweet fruit to them because of a conversation that makes them seek reporters
For instance Pasha purple divorced with Okie Agustina but already has 3 children. However this turns out to bring Okie Agustina appeared frequently on television screens both tlkshow event or other activity. It is also similar to that experienced by Maya Estianti divorced with Ahmad Dani.
5. Do something different
For example, Manohara managed to create a sensation for months with the drama involving the relationship between two countries. In fact, if the artist sensation was about to launch an album or a movie, he can create the drama that focused people's attention to him.
We all still remember the Manohara case a few years ago had a scene in the media, even to pose sentiment between Indonesia and Malaysia, it's time to be honest I am very sympathetic to manohara but my sympathies gradually eroded at the time saw manohara wara Wiri in the media impromptu artist
Manohara suddenly famous in just a few days only, manohara that 'he said' get torture by her husband a prince kelantan, whether true or not we all do not know, just based on the narrative manohara all alone.
6. Violate the law
Breaking the law was certainly not good. However, it is not a coincidence that the artist who violate the law will surely attract more attention than the artist reporters fine. Draw attention to the increasingly popular idea is the same.
Artist and drugs seems, are like two sides of a coin. Since the era of Flower Generations sono abroad, as drug consumption continues to be the number one of the singers, movie stars, and anyone working in the world of entertainment. Of "mere" hand-rolled marijuana, heroin, pills Feat, until methamphetamine. As if without drugs, their work and the infertility world ends!
7 Death or suicide while still famous
Either way, it certainly does not disarankan.Lagipula, how an artist can enjoy his fame if he had died? In fact, some artists fame skyrocketed immediately after death. The most obvious example is Nike Ardilla. Until now, he is still a legend in the Indonesian music scene.
Although there are many ways of reaching the public's attention, in the end all will be returned to the artist himself. Is the artist is busy sensation or sensation seeking work? Because, without sensation followed by good works also are meaningless. If an artist is basically a sensation that is not good, of course saja.Dan fame will last moment, the public will soon forget.
Negative issues surrounding the growing death pronouncing that Nike driving a car with a drunken state, but then the news was denied by the family and the hard key witness to the accident. Sofiatun said just drink orange juice Nike.
Results of post mortem did not mention the police found levels of alcohol in the body of Nike. There is confusion about the time of death Nike Ardilla, according to witnesses the incident occurred at 3 am, but other witnesses said that the accident occurred at 5.45 am, an official report said that the incident time is 06.15 am.
That artist sensation in the world of entertainment we.

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