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Leaders In Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country in the world. Indonesia is surrounded by thousands of islands and is a country with a plurality of the population worldwide. Undeniably, the country's abundant resources, has spawned figures that are competent in all areas. Indonesian figures consisting of a row of people who have the ability and dedication in building the country.
Indonesia is the owner of the world-class natural scenery. Emerald equator, so people call it. This country has a lot of known figures, both at home and abroad. Call it Ir.Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, which is famous for bravery against colonialism around the world.
There are also Bung Hatta, vice president of the Republic of Indonesia which is the first, widely known as the father of the concept of cooperative cooperative Indonesia, which until now is still used as a guide in the cooperative-based economy.
There are many Indonesian figures who have the name of the nation. Every era and decade Indonesia has always known meghadirkan different figures. But the struggles and thinking of old figures also do not just forgotten. Then who figures in Indonesia's most influential contemporary era? Below I have outlined in this brief article. Characters Indonesia - Education Anis Baswedan
Anis Baswedan is a character that I think is worthy to be leaders of Indonesia in the field of education. His passion for education proved. He was the rector of the University of Paramadina, an ordinary university handled by professionals to be able to become a world-class university.
Rashid Anis Baswedan Ph.D, that's the name length. He comes from a family that also focused on education. His parents are professors at one of the university, even his father never served as deputy rector of the Islamic University of Indonesia, while her mother is a professor at the State University of Yogyakarta.
Since childhood, the husband of Fery Farhati, S.Psi, M.Sc is already visible leadership talent. No wonder then at the secondary school level and above, he is known to lead organizations in the school.
Education began when he entered college at the University of Gadjah Mada or UGM. Again, he is active in several campus organizations, and even served as the student senate at Gadjah Mada University.
His education was continued when he received a scholarship to study Fulbirght Master in International Security and Economic Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park., After he had worked at the Inter-University Center for Economic Studies at the University of Gadjah Mada.
Men born in West Java, May 7, 1969 it received numerous awards during Masters education. He has been awarded the William P. Cole III Fellow at the Maryland School of Public Policy, ICF Scholarship, as well as ASEAN Student Award. Not only that, during college in America, this handsome father who actively writing articles and when he was invited as a speaker at several conferences.
Men who currently have the 4 children is completing his dissertation on "Patterns of Regional Autonomy and Democracy in Indonesia", in the Department of Political Science at Northern Illinois University. He also briefly worked as a National Advisor decentralization and regional autonomy in the Partnership for Governance Reform, Jakarta for a year.
His career in education finally truly peaked. When mid-2007, he was inducted as rector of the University of Paramadina replace Muslim scholar and founder of University of Paramadina, Nurcholish Majid. In the new age reaches 38 years, he became rector temuda in Indonesia.
Various awards have been achieved, both from institutions within the country and abroad. It most certainly fenomal influx him as 20 Public Intellectuals world's most influential. His name can then be aligned with world leaders such as Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin.
Dedication to education and then proceed with programs to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, including providing scholarships for underprivileged students and students with a full system scholarships (tuition and spending money) borne donor funds.
Kegerahannya the nation's disease is rampant corruption, diaplikasikannya with policies on campus that he led, learning by requiring courses of anti-corruption.
Here is the complete bio-data. His full name is Rashid Anis Baswedan Ph.D, he was born in Kuningan, West Java, May 7, 1969. Farhati wife Fery, S. Psi, M.Sc, His children named Annie Pearl, Michael Azizi, Emperor Hakam, Ismail Hakim.
His education started from kindergarten Martyrs Mosque in Kota Baru, Jakarta, Yogyakarta Laboratori then SD, SMP Negeri 5 Yogyakarta, SMAN 2 Yogyakarta, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) (1989-1995), Master of International Security Affairs and Economic Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park, Department of Political Science at Northern Illinois University. The job is as president of the University of Indonesia Paramadina Characters - Legal Affairs Moh. Mahfud MD.
He is chairman of the Constitutional Court. A law firm which is a legal decision that the decision is final (end). He began his education at boarding school Ibtida'iyah Madrasah al Mardhiyyah, Waru, Pamekasan, Madura. He is one of the nation's best son in law who is predicted to be developed in the upcoming 2014 presidential election.
Born in Sampang, Madura, May 13, 1957, the famous brave men and favoritism in the legal issues had become Secretary of Defense in the era of President Abdurrahman Wahid, before finally returning to the areas of legal expertise.
He is known in the ranks of Indonesian figures in the field of law known straightforward and unequivocal. He was often the talk of the legal issues in some television stations. In his tenure now, Mahkmah Constitutional Court actually diposisikannya as the final legal institutions. Both the House of Representatives issued a legal product and the president he had been rejected for legal reasons.
Greater popularity, when he is rumored to be nominated as President or Vice President in the upcoming 2014 election. Although on several occasions this 55-year-old man was also issued a statement often-controversial statement, he nonetheless believed that the deserve to be the next president of the figure.
His career as a lecturer began when he became a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Indonesia. He achieved his Doctorate from the University of Gadjah Mada graduate. The title of his professor when he gained as a 43-year-old Professor of Political Law in 2000.
All levels higher institutions of his country had been shaking. Both in the legislative and judicial branches. He was a member of Parliament, and then asked to fill ministerial positions. He had changed positions in several ministries. Finally, he is focusing on the field of constitutional law by becoming a judge on the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.
Here is the complete bio-data. His full name is Moh. Mahfud MD, he was born in Sampang, Madura, May 13, 1957. Ibtida'iyah His education began at the Madrasah al Mardhiyyah at boarding school, Waru, Pamekasan, Madura. Then proceed in SD Negeri Waru Pamekasan, Madura. Education Teacher of Religious Affairs (PGAN), Judge of the State Islamic Junior High School Education (PHIN), high school 3 years, Yogyakarta. He is a graduate of S1 Faculty of Law, Department of Constitutional Law, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII), Yogyakarta and S1 Faculty of Literature and Culture (Sasdaya) Arabic Literature Department, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Then, he took the Graduate Program S2, Political Science, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Then, S3 Doctoral Program, Constitutional Law Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
His career in the legal field is the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, before he also served as an Expert Consultant Team Member at National Law Development Agency (BPHN) Ministry of Law-Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesian Characters - Mario Motivator
Welcome to the Golden Ways, super greetings. Those are some sentences that he frequently spoke on the show that aired on one of the private television station in Indonesia. Yes Sis Maryono True, that's the real name of Makassar birth father 56 years ago.
He is a character motivator Indonesia and the husband of the mother Linna True. Teachers' Training College Graduates Malang always appear with homely and friendly attitude with a smile. Facebook group that he managed a Facebook Group with a number of fans in the world, which nearly reaches 6 million fans around the world.
Very simple life of his childhood. He was born into a family who works as a military. His father was a soldier, who since childhood has taught her to be responsible and useful life for others.
In 2010, he was elected as an 8 character change in Indonesia by the Republika newspaper published in Jakarta. After completing his studies in America, he then worked his way up in the world of banking. Plus high office receives special privileges for working in a bank, does not necessarily make the spirit of living his life.
The decision to get out of the banks have to face the consequences not easy. But with perseverance, he managed to establish a business enterprise that is not just looking for a profit, but also serve the needs of others.
World motivator really they do. His name became known widely by the public when he became a motivator to charge Mario Golden Ways event that aired on Metro TV every week.
Here is the complete bio-data. His full name is Sis Maryono or Mario Teguh, he was born in Makassar March 5, 1956, wife named Linna True. His children named Audrey and Marco True True. He took education at the Department of Architecture, New Trier West High (high school) in Chicago, USA, 1975, the Department of Linguistics and English Language Education, Institute of Teacher Training and Education Malang (S-1), Department of International Business, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, the Systems Operations Department, Indiana University, United States, 1983 (MBA).
Her career started in BIMC as Head of Manager, Zamre Ab. Wahab, Citibank Indonesia (1983-1986) as Head of Sales, BSB Bank (1986-1989) as Manager of Business Development, Aspac Bank (1990-1994) as Vice President of Marketing & Organization Development, Jakarta Exnal Corp. (1994 - present) as CEO, Senior Consultant, Business Effectiveness Consultant Specialization, and is known as a famous motivator in Indonesia.
Thus Indonesian Characters that I think we deserve as a role model together. In the future we hope there will be new characters are born with the purpose of building this country for the better again.

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