Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

10 Most Deadly Disease In The World

Here are 10 of the most deadly diseases in the world, starting from the bottom. 10 Anthrax
Before the 2001 anthrax spread by animals. But when someone unknown using anthrax as a weapon of war. Late 2001 and early 2002, someone sent a letter containing white powder that turned out to be anthrax spores that when touched will make the skin blister. People who inhale anthrax spores powder will cough and sore chest.
Anthrax is a disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis named. This common bacteria living in the soil. Bacillus anthracis spores shaped like this to survive in extreme conditions. These spores then live and thrive in a way to colonize in the body of an animal or human is infected with the bacteria.
The anthrax attack biasany livestock away from human settlements. However, as already known to us that in 2001 the disease is then attacked some parts of the United States. Anthrax then widely used as a weapon of modern biology that could mematkan patients infected by these bacteria. Transmission of anthrax in humans is usually via transmission through meat or animal skin which is then consumed by humans. 9. Cancer
Cancer is a disease of the most famous and deadly. Cancer is a disease of the body's cells. Cancer cells grow rapidly. Not all tumors become cancerous, but it helps people who have a direct tumor checked himself into a specialist.
Basically, this cancer is a disease that consists of a collection of more than 100 kinds of diseases that exist in the human body. Oelh Therefore, this cancer is a disease that is not called by any single disease. This is because cancer is a disease that is compiled by the body which then form many cells. This then leads to human cancer cells can form as many as the number of cells that exist in the human.
This cancer occurs biasany through several stages that require longer periods of time. Factor - a factor that could be of cause cancer cells to grow in the human body including environmental factors, chemistry, physics, radiation, ionization, and viruses. In addition to the factors - these factors, other factors such as the conditions in the human body can also be a cause of the cancer cells to grow. For example, disruption of the immune system in the human body. 8. Plague Pes
In Europe the 1300an caused an outbreak of bubonic rat flea bites. The bite contains bacteria spread to the bloodstream, causing swelling of oranges in the neck, armpit and groin. The swollen area is sometimes broken, blood and pus. Now doctors can give antibiotics to cure the plague.
The disease is commonly called the bubonic plague is caused by the bacterium Pasteurella pestis. From this and the disease called bubonic plague. The bubonic plague is an infection caused by wild rodents such as mice and other inter-borne infectious bacteria.
The bubonic plague in humans begins with the transmission of Pasteurella pestis bacteria into the blood and then the blood of mice that had been infected with the bacteria that even this sucked by fleas. The lice then alighted on human hair and then transmitted to the human body. These outbreaks have occurred centuries - centuries until the cause of death in a large number of sufferers. 7 Smallpox
In the past, smallpox is a disease that once most hated killers millions of people in the world. Starting with the high heat and the body feels pain. A few days later, a rash appears on the patient's mouth and then spread throughout the body. Red spots containing the water was very sick. In 1967, the program began in 1980 and the smallpox vaccine, smallpox is considered no longer exists.
Smallpox may be one of the diseases which are still mostly found in Indonesia or countries - other countries. Therefore, the Government membeikan intense enough attention in the stocking this smallpox. Basically this chickenpox disease or also referred to as chicken pox is a disease caused by infection of the body by a virus called varicella zoster. This disease not only attacks in the country of Indonesia alone, penykit also spread to countries - such as Australia and other bu sebaginya.
As the disease sdisebabkan by other infections, smallpox can be transmitted to other people. This transmission can be through saliva or fluids that are usually found in spots - spots that often appear on the smallpox smallpox sufferers this. Transmission can occur when the commencement of this infeksin into the body, the incubation period or at the time the disease lasts until the healing phase in patients. 6. Ebola Virus
This is a very dangerous virus appears in the interior of Africa and spread through animals. Sufferers experience bleeding inside and outside the body; of the kidneys and liver as well as through the mouth, nose and eyes. Ebola patient's blood is also dangerous because it can transmit the disease even after sufferers die. That's why doctors and nurses have to wear masks, gloves and protective clothing. 5. Influenza
Perhaps because of the frequent attack of flu, the flu is not considered dangerous. It turns out flu occupies the 5th most dangerous places. Flu especially fatal for people with asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Severe flu can cause pneumonia. In 1918 around 20 million people died of the flu in the United States.
For we are hidupndi tropical climate like this Indnesia may not be familiar with this disease. The flu or influenza illness, including the type of disease that often affects people in the winter or in the change of seasons. In Indonesia, the disease often be found in the current transition season like this.
So it can be said also this flu is a seasonal disease to parts of Indonesia. Influenza or flu often we know this is a disease caused by infection of the human respiratory tract that do not know the age, sex and other sebaginya. In general, the flu can be cured by itself with the vulnerable period of 2 to 4 days. But there are also diseases that influenza can cause death to humans. 4. Cholera
The cause of cholera is to consume dirty water. Patients with cholera lose body fluids through diarrhea and vomiting can be treated with a lot of drinking a mixture of salt water and sugar. But sometimes not as easy as that, for people who have severe, can shock and die within a matter of hours. 3 Malaria
In Africa and parts of South America, mosquitoes are killer animals because they carry malaria. When a mosquito bites, she spread the parasite into the blood that will spread and grow in a few days. Patients will be shaking, chills, the whole body feels pain and limp. If not treated, the symptoms are followed by coma and death. 2 TB
TB is spread when people cough or sneeze. Splashes of drool coming out of the coughing or sneezing if inhaled healthy person, will immediately contracting the disease. One of the symptoms is a cough that exceed 2 weeks. Patients also coughing up blood, feeling tired and not want to eat. 1 HIV / AIDS
HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Both do not kill people, but it weakens the human immune system by attacking T cells T cells is part of the blood that fight disease. When a T cell is weak, a person will get sick. The first AIDS cases appeared in 1981 After that 20 million people die from it. There is no cure for HIV or AIDS.