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Future Leaders Hinduism Hinduism Assimilation

The development of Hinduism in Indonesia can not be separated from the Hindu religious leaders have an important role in the history of the religion. Hindu religious leader who is not only a very important role in the growth and development of Hinduism in Java, but in the history of Indonesia. Including, one of the wonders of the world. Borobudur Temple.
In history, Rakai Pikatan very famous for his story to Borobudur. Rakai Pikiatan is the king of the ancient Mataram Kingdom. He is a descendant of Sanjaya dynasty, who were Hindus Shiva. Ancient Mataram Kingdom was initially Medang Kingdom. Where there are two dynasties who control, Wangsa Sanjaya and Sailendra dynasty who embraced Buddhism Mahayana.
According to experts, initially under the influence of Sanjaya dynasty Sailendra dynasty rule. However, the upheaval which makes it the second dynasty arguing for each master. Finally, the 840's, both descendants of the dynasty, Rakai Pikatan and Pramodawardhani, married to quell the conflict. Rakai Pikatan
According to the inscription Argapura, Rakai real name is Manuku MPU. He is a descendant of Sanjaya who eventually managed to build a life of harmony between Hindu Shiva with Mahayana Buddhism. Together Pramodawardhani, he built the idea that the two religions can continue to live and thrive in peace and mutual respect.
After his marriage to Pramodawardhani, Rakai Pikatan build Ancient Mataram Kingdom. The event was considered the beginning of the rise of Sanjaya dynasty. Unfortunately, the wedding was disrupted Pramodawardhani half sister, Balaputradewa. He wanted to rule the kingdom of Mataram so there was a civil war.
The battle was won by the Rakai Pikatan. After the defeat, fled to Swarnadwipa Balaputradewa (Sumatra). It was there, he finally got the power to replace his grandfather as king in the kingdom of Srivijaya.
Based on the inscription Balitung, Ancient Mataram Kingdom ruled by Rakai Rakai Pikatan Kayuwangi after Death. However, an inscription, Inscription Wantil mentioned that in 856, Rakai Pikatan abdicated and became a Brahmin with the title Jatiningrat. Borobudur
Respect Rakai Pikatan the Buddhist Borobudur shown that continuing development since the beginning of construction by-law, King Samaratungga. This temple was built around 824 AD by the architect named Gunadharma. Borobudur construction finally completed by 900 AD.
Borobudur has the meaning of the name 'monastery in the hills'. He origin from Sanskrit, meaning coal 'temple or coals', while beduhur means 'high place or hill'. This temple has become since ancient Buddhist places of worship.
Until now, Borobudur is not only a Buddhist place of worship, but to witness the history of how the Hindu and Buddhist communities can coexist when in power and Pramodawardhani Pikatan Rakai.
Hinduism originated in India. Hinduism was brought to Indonesia by the merchants. Indian traders spread their religion and culture while trading. However, many experts also argue that the Brahmins who have brought Hinduism to our homeland.
The following historical figures in the Hindu, among others: Aswawarman, Mulawarman, Purnawarman, Airlangga, Jayabaya, Ken Arok, Raden Wijaya, Gajah Mada and Hayam Wuruk. Aswawarman
Aswawarman was the second king of Kutai. He replaces Kudungga as king. Before the reign of Aswawarman, Kutai animist beliefs. When Asmawarman ascended the throne, Hinduism enter Kutai.
Later this kingdom embraced Hinduism. Aswawarman regarded as forming the Hindu dynasty of kings. Hinduism entered the joint de Kutai kingdom life.
Descendants Aswawarman wear the names that are commonly used in India. Hindu influence is also seen in the social order, religious ceremonies, and the pattern of the Kutai Kingdom government. Mulawarman
Mulawarman replace Aswawarman as king of Kutai. Mulawarman the Hindu religion. Most likely during the reign Mulawarman has no indigenous Indonesian people who become Hindu priests. Thus religious ceremonies are no longer led by the Brahmins of India.
Mulawarman have a good relationship with the Brahmans. This is proven because all Yupa made ​​by a Hindu priest. They make it as an expression of gratitude to the King Mulawarman. Sanga has protected Hindu king and gave many gifts to the Brahmins. Hinduism can thrive in all regions of the Kingdom of Kutai. Purnawarman
Inscriptions tell many relics of the kingdom Tarumanegara Purnawarman oversized king. In Ciaruteun inscription contained traces such as footprints footprints of Vishnu and expressed as the King Purnawarman footprints.
Under the leadership of King Purnawarman, United Tarumanegara and people running properly and regularly. Evidence of leadership success is reflected in the monument inscription. In the inscription was told the construction of water channels for irrigation and flood prevention. Airlangga
King Airlangga is Kahuripan. He ruled in 1019-1049. Bali is actually the son of the king Airlangga. He made ​​law by the King Darmawangsa. When a marriage takes place, the army attacked the kingdom Kahuripan of Wurawuri. Airlangga and his retinue in some managed to escape.
Airlangga develop strength to repel the enemy. The attempt is successful. In fact, Airlangga kingdom Kahuripan successfully strengthened and prosperous people. Airlangga actually received a degree because he was able to control the Brantas river water so beneficial to the people.
When it is old, Airlangga resigned from government. He went to the mountain to be a recluse. As he holds Jatiningrat recluse. Government affairs handed over to two sons. But the two sons vied for power.
Airlangga Baradah master ordered to split into two kingdoms, namely Panjalu (Kadiri) and Jenggala. Brantas River became the new border between the two kingdoms.
Airlangga is one of the great kings in the history of Indonesia. In the old statues, he is often portrayed as the incarnation of Vishnu riding Garuda. jayabaya
Jayabaya is the greatest king of the Kingdom Panjalu or Kadiri. He reigned from 1135-1157 AD His name is always associated with the term Jayabaya containing predictions about the fate of the island of Java.
The success and fame of King Jayabaya can be seen from the results of literature during his reign. At his command, the palace poets managed to compile a book of Bharatayudha. This book was written by a professor Sedah and completed by master Panuluh. Ken Arok
Ken Arok was the founder of the kingdom Singasari. He also became the forerunner of the kings of Majapahit. At first Ken Arok serve Awuku Ametung in Tumapel. Tumapel including Kediri kingdom.
Ken Arok in love with Ken Dedes, wife Ametung. Ken Arok kill Ametung. Then he and Ken Dedes became ruler in Tumapel.
At that time the kingdom of Kediri in the event of any conflict between the king and the Brahmans. Brahmans fled to Tumapel and get protection from Ken Arok.
Later, Ken Arok brahmins crowned as king in Tumapel in 1222. Having become king, Ken Arok titled Sri antler Rajasa Amurwabhumi. The name is Singasari kingdom.
News founding king of Kediri Kingdom Singasari make Kertajaya (DandangGendis) angry. Kertajaya lead to a substantial amount of force to attack Kediri Singasari.
There was a great battle between the kingdom of Kediri against Singasari Ganter village. Ken Arok managed to win the battle. Since then, the area occupied by the kingdom of Kediri Singasari. Ken Arok Singasari no longer govern. In 1227 he was murdered by agents of Anusapati, his stepson. Raden Wijaya
Raden Wijaya is the founder and first king of Majapahit Kingdom. Raden Wijaya styled Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. Before becoming king, is the leader of the army Singasari. In the battle against the army Jayakatwang, his army defeated.
He fled to the village Kudadu with his followers. Furthermore, he fled to Madura and ask for help Wiraraja, duke Sumenep. On the advice Wiraraja, Raden Wijaya surrendered to Jayakatwang and devote themselves to him.
Raden Wijaya Forest Pull allowed to open. The area is then developed into the center of the kingdom of Majapahit. Raden Wijaya Jayakatwang regroup to attack.
When it comes troops of Kublai Khan of China with the goal of destroying the kingdom Singasari. They do not know that the kingdom of Singasari been destroyed. It is used Raden Wijaya to get revenge on Jayakatwang.
Raden Wijaya in cooperation with the forces of Kublai Khan. In a short time, the kingdom of Kediri King Jayakatwang destroyed and killed. After that, Raden Wijaya with his troops to attack the troops of Kublai Khan.
Kublai Khan's forces can be defeated easily. Kublai Khan's forces many were killed, the rest fled. After that, Raden Wijaya founded the kingdom of Majapahit.
Raden Wijaya died in 1309 AD He didarmakan (buried) in the Shiva temple in Scallop. Position as king replaced his son, who holds Sri Jayanegara Kalagemet. Gajah Mada
Gajah Mada was duke Mangkubumi (mighty duke) Majapahit Kingdom. His name became known after he managed to quell the rebellion Kuti. Gajah Mada emerged as a royal leader since Jayanegara reign (1309-1328).
He began his career by becoming a member of the king's guard (Bahanyangkari). At first, he became jacks Bahanyangkari (level commanders). His career continued to climb during the Majapahit kingdom was hit by several revolts, such as the uprising Ragga Lawe (1309), Cow Sura (1311), Nambi (1316), and Kuti (1319).
In 1328 King Jayanegara died. He was replaced by Tribhuanatunggadewi. Sadeng rebellion. The uprising was crushed by forces Sadeng can Gajah Mada.
For his services, Gajah Mada was appointed Supreme Patih Majapahit in 1334. At the appointment ceremony, he vowed to conquer the entire archipelago under Majapahit rule. The oath known as Palapa Oath.
Gajah Mada remains a Patih Mangkubumi when Hayam Wuruk ascended the throne. He accompanied Hayam Wuruk run the government. During this period experienced a period of Majapahit Glory. Majapahit region covers almost the whole of Java, most of the island of Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, Kalimantan and eastern Indonesia to Papua. Hayam Wuruk
Hayam Wuruk (1334-1389) was the greatest king of Majapahit. He holds a Sri Rajasanagara. He is the son of Queen Tribhuanatunggadewi and Kertawardana. Under his rule, the Majapahit experiencing the peak of greatness and the golden age.
At that time, Mahapatih Gajah Mada managed to unite the whole archipelago. Majapahit territory covers an area of approximately Indonesia today. Trade with foreign countries, especially China, are making progress, so does the field of literature, sculpture, wake, justice, and religion.
Hayam Wuruk famous name in Indonesian history as told in the book compiled by professor Negarakertagama prapanca. Majapahit famous of the reign of Hayam Wuruk include a set of historical books and Majapahit Singsari prapanca master works, as well as stories Arjunawiwaha literature and composition professor Sutasoma Tantular.
One of the key events when Hayam Wuruk ruling is a victory in the battle against the Kingdom of Majapahit Sunda (Padjadjaran) in 1351. These war known as the War Bubat. After Hayam Wuruk died (1389), Majapahit decline.

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